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Erykah Badu’s 3 Kids: Meet Seven, Puma, and Mars

Motherhood plays a significant role in Erykah Badu’s life. Alongside caring for her three children – her 25-year-old son Seven, 19-year-old daughter Puma, and 14-year-old daughter Mars – the singer-songwriter is also a practicing doula. She has assisted in delivering babies for some of her famous friends, like Teyana Taylor’s second child. Notably, Badu opted for home births for her own children and even live-tweeted the birth of her youngest.

Badu has been open about her parenting style over the years, emphasizing her hands-on approach to their education. Despite having different fathers for each of her children, she has described her family as a close-knit community, far from being a single mom.

Regarding her children’s personalities, Badu pointed out their unique traits. The youngest, at 7 years old, is a gymnast with a passion for athletics. Her middle child shares a striking resemblance to her and seems to have inherited her personality. Meanwhile, her son takes after his father both chemically and anatomically.

As for their future aspirations, Badu is supportive of whatever path her children choose, whether it’s pursuing music or following their own dreams. She values their understanding and gratitude for her career and is ready to reciprocate the support if they decide to become entertainers or performers themselves. This is a glimpse into Erykah Badu’s life as a mother to her three children.

Seven Sirius Benjamin

Seven Sirius Benjamin
Seven Sirius Benjamin

Seven Sirius Benjamin, born on November 18, 1997, in Dallas, Texas, is the son of hip-hop legend Andre Benjamin, also known as Andre 3000. Much like his famous parents, Seven possesses a wealth of musical talent, and he’s been immersed in music from a young age, jamming alongside his mother and father since childhood.

“Seven and I practice playing electric guitars together. He’s part of his school orchestra, playing the upright bass. He studied piano for four years and has a beautiful singing voice. His taste in music is just as diverse as his father’s. I’d say it’s all in his DNA,” Badu shared with PEOPLE in 2008.

Erykah Badu was especially driven to homeschool Seven during his early years before he transitioned to public school. She explained her motivation, saying, “I wanted to provide him with special academic attention to give him an advantage.” Her approach clearly paid off, as Seven excelled academically, becoming one of the top students in his school and in Dallas.

In 2016, Seven’s hard work paid off when he received acceptance letters from multiple colleges. Proudly, Badu tweeted a throwback photo of him as a baby along with the exciting news that he was admitted to four different schools. She added, “It’s a dream come true for parents.”

Despite maintaining a low profile and lacking a social media presence, Seven occasionally makes appearances on his parents’ accounts.

Puma Sabti Curry

Puma Sabti Curry
Puma Sabti Curry

Puma Sabti Curry, born on July 5, 2004, in Dallas, Texas, is the daughter of rapper Tracy Lynn Curry, famously known as The D.O.C.

It’s worth noting that the unique name “Puma” doesn’t have any ties to the athletic shoe brand. Erykah Badu’s representative clarified this, stating, “Erykah is much more grounded than that. It’s likely that the name carries a deeper, more natural meaning.”

Puma is following in the musical footsteps of her parents and showcased her talent by serenading her mother on Badu’s 47th birthday with a cover of Rihanna’s “Stay,” which her proud mom later shared on Instagram.

Beyond her musical abilities, Puma has also ventured into modeling, joining her mother for a Vogue Mexico editorial spread. In this 2017 photo shoot, Badu took on the role of artistic director, and she posted several behind-the-scenes photos, including a selfie of the two sporting pink and orange wigs. Badu captioned the post with, “Me and Puma… and we ARE smilin’.”

Puma’s older sister maintains a strong presence on social media, where she often showcases her personality and various talents.

In May 2023, Puma made her debut appearance at the Met Gala alongside her mother, marking a significant moment in her budding career.

Mars Merkaba

Mars Merkaba, born on February 1, 2009, in Dallas, Texas, is the daughter of rapper and producer Elpadaro F. Electronica Allah, known as Jay Electronica.

Erykah Badu made headlines when she live-tweeted Mars’ birth, inspired by a challenge from Questlove of The Roots, who doubted she would tweet during labor. Badu proved him wrong and shared her thoughts during the experience. After Mars arrived, she tweeted, “Her eyes are looking right into mine. She struggles to focus. I wonder where she just came from. I mean…her spirit.”

While Mars is not currently active on social media, glimpses of her can be found on her parents’ accounts. Badu used her Instagram platform to celebrate her youngest child’s birthday in February 2022. Alongside a photo of Mars looking all grown up, Badu wrote, “You are an amazing visual artist, actor, bass player, comedian, dancer & student. And such a very, very good and patient daughter. I really like you. So very proud of your creative spirit.”

It’s uncertain whether Mars will choose a career in entertainment, but Erykah Badu has introduced music into her daughter’s life from a very early age. Back in 2016, Badu shared an endearing video of the mother-daughter pair singing together in the car.

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