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5 Best Teddy Bear Dog Full Grown | Temperament, Size & Price

Dogs are people’s best friends. They can provide the unconditional love that humans need and crave. They’re always there to give you love and support, no matter what life throws at you.

But what if you want a dog but don’t have enough space in your home or yard? 

You could get a smaller breed of dogs, such as a Yorkshire Terrier or Shih Tzu, but these breeds still require at least 30 minutes of exercise per day to stay healthy and happy. 

teddy bear dog full grown
Teddy bear dog full grown , Image Credit

If you live in an apartment with no outdoor access, then it might be time to consider getting a teddy bear dog full grown instead!

These dogs are easy-going and friendly for people who work all day long. They also make excellent apartment pets since they’re small enough to live comfortably inside without taking up too much space. 

What is a Teddy Bear Dog?

Ever wonder what a teddy bear dog is? Well, it’s not just one breed! There is a toy-like purebred dogs and mixed breeds that look like bears. 

They have features that remind you of teddy bears, like a button nose and eyes, soft fur, and fluffy hair. But, they are still dogs.

Don’t treat them like toys because they might be soft and cuddly, but they will still want to play outside!

How Much Does A Teddy Bear Puppy Cost?

The price of a teddy bear puppy can range from $450 to $1,500. It depends on the breed and how popular it is. Some award-winning bloodlines may cost $3000 or more.

Whether you spend $5,000 or less than a hundred dollars for your dog, it’s always important to make sure the breeder is reputable. Why? Dogs from these breeders are more likely to be in good health and have fewer problems later on.

Teddy Bear Dog Colors

They have long, flowing, soft fur that is either silky or curly to touch. The coats come in various colors, including black, white, tan, cream, or gray.

What Is The Average Size Of A Full-grown Teddy Bear Dog?

Teddy bear dogs come in many different breeds and breed mixes, so there is no single size. Some of these adorable pups are very small indeed!

If you want to know how big your teddy bear dog will grow, then the first thing you need to do is decide which type of teddy bear pup suits your needs best. 

Teddybear dogs are usually quite small in size, weighing between 10 to 15 pounds when fully grown.

They typically grow up to 9 to 12 inches and can be as short as 8 inches or even seven if you’re lucky!

Teddy Bear Dog Life Span

Teddy bears have been around since the early 20th century. They have a long lifespan, often 15 to 18 years old.

Temperament Of A Teddy Bear Dog?

The Teddy bear dog is a loyal, affectionate breed that generally gets along well with kids and other pets.

These furry friends require socialization from an early age to get used to being around people, animals, or anything else that might come their way in the future. 

These dogs are lively and love playing, making them perfect for active families as they’re great companions during hikes!

They form strong bonds with their family members from very young ages, which means they’ll do anything for you (except fetch your slippers).

Let’s look at some different types of teddy bear dogs!

1. Zuchon Teddy Bear Dog Full Grown

Meet the Teddy Bear Zuchon, a new hybrid that’s taking over America! These brave little dogs are half Bichon Frise and half Shih Tzu.

They’re fluffy, cuddly–and undeniably cute. 

It comes as no surprise when we learn this is one of the most popular designer breeds in history because they’re clever, playful companions who want nothing more than to be by your side all day long (especially if you offer them some food).

If you are looking for an apartment pet, the zuchons can be an excellent choice.

They adapt easily to any living situation, from tiny homes with yards on to big city apartments without ever losing their lovable charm or affectionate nature.

Zuchons are expected to have a lifespan of 12–15 years.

They may be small, but these dogs pack a lot of personality into their little bodies. They are around 24-30 cm (10 to 12 inches) tall and weigh 4–6 kg (9 to 13 pounds). 

zuchon teddy bear dog price

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around about hybrid breeds. For example, you might think it’s cheaper to buy a “Zuchon,” he was just the $600 one I found on Craigslist. In reality, that could cost as much as $2500 for an unregistered pup from show-dog bloodlines!

2. Pomeranian Teddy Bear Dog Full Grown

Pomeranians come from large sled dog breeds. They are a little tiny now.

They have a long and interesting history. Pomeranian dogs are good for agility competitions or just to be friends with in the family.

There might be some at shelters or rescue groups, too! So, go for adopting a dog from there! And not to shop if you want to bring a dog home.

Pomeranians are around 7 to 12 inches tall and weigh 3 to 7 pounds. Some litters have puppies who grow up to be 12 to 14 pounds or more. These puppies can be a good choice for families with children because they will not grow too big.

pomeranian teddy bear dog price

If you’re looking for a cute yet low-maintenance pet, then the Pomeranian might be just right. They are popular breeds with celebrities and can come in different colors like black or brown, but they typically cost about $500 to$6,000.
This price range varies greatly depending on where you get the pup (breeder vs. pet store)! However, some specialty breeds like black poms can cost more.

3. Poochon Teddy Bear Dog Full Grown

A Poochon is a mix between the Toy Poodle and the Bichon Frise. It is a little dog that has some good qualities from both its parents.

If you want to know what kind of personality it would have, you can research its parents. Some Poochons are in shelters and rescues, so if you want one, adopt one!

As the Poochon is a new breed, there are not many standards yet. But you can expect it to be small. On average, they weigh six to 17 pounds and are nine to 15 inches tall at the shoulder.

Poochon Teddy Bear Dog Price

Poochon is a designer breed, and as you might expect, they’re not going to be cheap. Expect to pay anywhere from $1,000-$3,000 for one of these puppies if you buy them straight out of the Poochon breeder’s womb! Of course, there may be cheaper ones available at your local rescue shelter if that is something more in line with what you want.

4. Shih-Poo Teddy Bear Dog

A cross between a Shih Tzu and a Toy Poodle, the Shih Poo is small and cuddly. It inherits some of the best qualities from both of its parents.

They can also be called a Shoodle or Pooshi, but do not get them mixed up with Poo-Shi, which is a mix of Poodles and Shibas Inus!

These dogs are usually found in shelters and rescues. So remember to adopt instead of buying!

Shih-Poo Teddy Bear Dog Price

The cost of a Shih-Poo puppy can range from $500 to as much as $4,000, depending on the quality and lineage. The best deal is to go for an average-priced pup that’s not going anywhere anytime soon since they stay small but have prominent personalities! Find your puppy here.

5. Newfoundland Teddy Bear Dog

Newfoundland dogs are strong and can work on land or water. They were initially used to pull nets for fishermen and to haul wood from the forest.

Newfoundland dogs are a kind of dog that is good to have as a family member because they are sweet-natured and responsive.

Newfoundland is well known for his sweet disposition. He’s like a big, loveable Teddy Bear who wants to be loved and cuddled all day long.

He has an enormous personality that can’t help but bring smiles to everyone around him! 

Newfoundland males are typically 28 inches tall and weigh 130 to 150 pounds. Females are around 26 inches tall, with a weight of 100 to 120 pounds.

Newfoundland Teddy Bear Dog Price

The cost of a Newfoundland can vary depending on the breeding and pedigree. The average price for one is $1,200, but there are many top breed lines and a superior pedigree that go up to or exceed $9,500!


I hope you have enjoyed the article on teddy bear dogs and that it has helped to clear up any confusion about what they are. They might be soft and cuddly but don’t forget that they are also very energetic!
It is important to remember that these animals need walks, playtime outside, and other care, just like any other dog.
If you want a fluffy companion of your own, then consider adopting one of these cuties or volunteering at an animal shelter in your area- there’s sure to be lots who would love a new home!

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