5 Reasons Why French Bulldogs Are The Best Pet

is french bulldog a good pet?

Are you looking for a new pet? A new addition to your family?

We’ll then you should consider an adorably cute French Bulldog.

French Bulldogs (or Frenchies as they are otherwise known) are a small, loveable and affectionate dog breed that is famous for their quirky clownish and silly behavior. You will find that these little bundles of joy are fun to be around and make great additions to any family they join. Still not convinced?

French Bulldogs
French Bulldog

Well, not to worry, here are our top 5 reasons why French Bulldogs are the best pets.

1. French Bulldogs have a great personality

French Bulldogs are a free-spirited, fun-loving dog that is filled with love and affection for their owners. Due to this loving and loyal nature, they make for great companion dogs that thrive on human contact. Be warned, though, and Frenches will try to snuggle up to you at any opportunity they get, whether it’s you sitting around on the couch or heading to sleep for the night.

These little dogs adore the owner’s affection and companionship. One thing to note is that the French Bulldog is a particularly intelligent dog breed and have been known to shock their owners with their great intuition into their owner’s feelings and emotions. This is particularly great when you’re returning home after having a bad day at work. You’ll have unconditional love waiting at your door when you arrive home.

2. French bulldogs are social creatures and love to play

We all know that one person who just loves to meet new people, but have you ever met someone who will jump up and down endlessly until they get a hug and cuddles?

Well, you haven’t until you’ve owned a Frenchie. A French Bulldog’s pleasant disposition and playful nature mean that they are always excited to meet new people and not surprisingly do particularly well with young children. Their small size and giant smiles make it hard not to want to give a cuddle.

French Bulldogs also love to play with other dogs (it’s particularly funny when they spot another dog at the park). So, if you already have another pet, a French bulldog will fit right in. The more, the merrier, right? This makes them ideal for retirees, apartment dwellers, singles, or young families. Overall, they will bring a cheerful and calming element to any household.

3. French Bulldogs make great apartment dogs

French Bulldog is a great apartment dog. Their tiny size, adaptability, and relaxed attitude mean that they are fine with being a couch potato during the day until you return home from work. They generally are not known to bark often, which is perfect if you do have thin walls between you and your neighbors.

They also do not require a ton of exercise each day. A short 15 minute walk each day on a French Bulldog harness will be enough to maintain their weight, and a quick session of tug-a-war or chase the ball is enough to tire them out whilst keeping them entertained.

4. French Bulldogs come in different colors.

One of the best things about French Bulldogs is that they come in a variety of different colors, such as:

  • Brindle (the most common color): Predominately darker color with lighter colored hair mixed in.
  • Fawn: ranges from a very light tan to a dark reddish tan
  • White
  • Pied: A mixture of a white coat with patches of dark colors
  • Tan
  • Blue
  • Red

What is your favorite color?

5. French Bulldog’s don’t need much grooming.

Grooming a French Bulldog is easy.

Their short coats mean they will not get a lot of dirt stuck in their fur and do not require clipping of their coat. Another great benefit of their short coat is that French Bulldogs only require a weekly brush to keep their coat looking shiny.

They do not shed much either, which is great for your couches and clothes. You can easily get away with washing your Frenchie once a month in a bath or even a shower. Whatever suits your living arrangements.

Final Thoughts

The French Bulldog’s personality might just be the best personality of any dog in the world. Their fun-loving, playful nature will change your life for the better. Once you own a French Bulldog, you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

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