10 Safety Rules You Need To Know Before Hiking With Your Dog

It is fun taking your dog to a hiking trail. At the same time, it requires taking precautions. You have to make sure that your dog doesn’t harm any outsider or environment in any way. You also need to be careful about how your pet interacts with the outer world. Taking such measures is essential to ensure the safety of your dog.

dog hiking
dog hiking

If you love to do adventurous stuff like hiking with your dogs, then make sure you are aware of the following safety rules.

1. Do Take with Yourself a Plenty of Water

Hiking on rough terrains is a very exhausting activity. It results in excessive sweating and perspiring. Dogs are rapid to catch heat. They also do perspire like human beings, but this doesn’t cool them down quickly. As per the demands of wisdom, you shouldn’t be entirely relying on the natural process of panting to save your dog from the heat. Do make sure you have got plenty of water to quench your as well as your dog’s thirst. It is better to keep at least two water-filled bottles with you.

2. Put Your Dog on Leash

You might not like putting your dog on a leash while taking him outside. But it is necessary. Even dog-friendly hiking terrains require putting your dog on at least 4 to 5 feet longer leash. Such measure ensures that your dog doesn’t harm any by-passer, and it is easy to control. A dog on the strap is also easy to find if lost. If you are too reluctant to put your dog on the leash, then do your research and look for less crowded terrains. Do remember that dogs are not allowed on all the hiking trails. So, make sure you know where to take your dog.

3. Bring Food for Your Dog

While hiking on the high terrains, make sure you are bringing food to you as well as your dog. It is essential, even if you have fed your dog before bringing him outside. Feeding your dog during hiking energizes him. If you are hiking with your pet for the first time, then do bring the treats. In this way, you would reward them if they don’t feel like walking with you. Feeding the pet during hiking is also a good activity for spending time with your dog in a fun way,

4. Don’t Let Your Dog Eliminate on Terrains

Dogs’ excrete contain harmful bacteria and other such microbes in them. They can spread disease among the wild animals and other inhabitants of the place. So bring a disposable basket or other such things with you so that your dog doesn’t leave a mess on the ground. Further, be careful about disposing of the collected mess. Look for dustbins or garbage collectors that have a lid on them. Make sure that any trash doesn’t find its way out of the dustbin and surroundings remain neat and clean.

5. Don’t Let Your Dog Drink from Stagnant Water

As mentioned above, the right approach can be bringing a separate bottle of water for your dog. But this doesn’t mean your dog is free to go near any stagnant rainwater or some natural pool. Such resources of water are always contaminated. They also carry a fair share of harmful bacteria that can spread diseases in your pet. You also never know if there is some poisonous matter in the water and not. Another drawback is that such water reservoirs can be slippery or unsupportive for your pets and can also injure them.

6. Keep Your Dog under Strict Surveillance

There are many different kinds of dog breeds in the world. All of them require rigorous surveillance. It doesn’t matter; whether you have trained your dog enough or not, you just need to keep him under strict supervision while being outside. As already mentioned, do not allow your dog to go near the water reservoirs. Also, keep an eye on what your dog is ingesting. Don’t let him engulf any matter from the ground. The requirement to maintain a constant eye on your dog can be a bit tough. But at the end of the day, it keeps your dog safe from any harm.

7. Do Pack Boots for Your Dogs

Hiking on rough terrains can be a severe activity for your dog. At first, you should avoid taking your dog to such places. If it is such an essential thing, then do keep a pair of hiking boots. Such shoes are very readily available and can be accustomed to the needs of your pet. Keep in mind that not paying attention to covering your pet’s feet can make injure him.

8. A Back Pack for Your Pet

Try to keep all the stuff for your dog in your backpack. But you can consider getting a separate one for your dog. Pet dogs who weigh more than 20 pounds can easily carry a bag pack. Well, you must consider the idea of making your dog take his stuff; it looks cool. At the same time, make sure that straps are not too tight or irritating to cause any damage to your pet’s coat. It is good if you can train your dog to do the packing for him.

9. Keeping a First Aid Kit for Your Dog

It is understandable that maintaining a separate first aid kit can be a messy task for you. But do make sure that your first aid bag has all the things for curing your dog any injuries. Despite exhibiting all the tips mentioned above, entirely avoiding accidents is not possible. For this reason, you must have a bandage and disinfectants on you.

10. Post-Hiking Checkup

All the above-mentioned precautionary measures don’t bar your dog from contracting any danger. When your pet is exposed to the outside world, he can be impacted by anything. If you take your dog hiking frequently, then such a checkup is not necessary on a regular basis. But first times must consider taking their pets to a vet. They should also keep a check on their dogs if they interact too much with fellow animals.

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