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Hiking with Dogs | Backpacking and Camping With Your Dog

One of the best things about owning a dog is that the outside becomes more exciting when you have a furry friend to accompany you out on it.

It can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and see you tackling things you never thought you would, just to make effective use of your canine buddy’s almost limitless energy supply.

Hiking with Dogs
Hiking with Dogs

While this might mean just popping into the local park or to the seaside, for others, it may mean a trip to the top of a mountain such as Scafell Pike or Mount Snowdon, for instance.

If you are interested in taking this kind of trip with your dog, you need to be aware of some essential tips – which we have highlighted below.

Plan Your Trip Thoroughly

When you head out hiking on your own without a dog, you still need to plan it sufficiently to ensure you are safe and healthy. When you add your dog into the mix, it adds to the amount of planning you need to do. Remember, you will need to hike at your dog’s speed and look out for their needs as well as your own. Take this into consideration when planning your trip to ensure you get there with enough time to complete the hill climb, as well as choosing the correct route for both you and your four-legged pal.

Start As Early As You Can

With this kind of day trip, it is best to start as early as you can. Some of the quietest times of the day are in the morning, even on the most famous mountain trails. Therefore, it pays to get to bed early the night before and get up at the crack of dawn, if possible.

Pack Lots Of Food And Drink

This tip is hopefully common sense to most people reading this but is worth highlighting. You need to ensure you have enough food and drink for the entire time you will be on the mountain, as well as before and after. Remember, it’s hoped that your day will go according to plan, but if there are any delays or the walk itself takes longer than you expected – you will be happy you packed that extra sandwich and those extra doggy treats.

The great thing is that doggy treats and biscuits don’t use up too much space in your bag, and using a water bowl that can be collapsed, will save more space.

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Be Aware Of When Your Dog Needs To Be Kept On The Lead

Obviously, an important bit of kit you need to take for both your safety and that of your dog is a lead. There are some situations and parts of your hike that your dog needs to be on their lead. However, there are also other points where you could let him or her off for a few moments. It all depends on where you are hiking. On Mount Snowdon, it is actually illegal to have dogs off-lead. For their safety, unless you are at the base, it is best to keep them on their lead, though.

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