Natural Remedies For Dogs Upset Stomach

Your beloved dog has been struggling for a while with an upset stomach, this is not only upsetting for them, but you can’t watch them suffer.

With this in mind, we have gathered our best natural remedies for a dog’s upset stomach to help ease the concern and the discomfort of your pet.

Natural Remedies For Dogs Upset Stomach

Why Do You Need a Natural Remedy for Dogs Upset Stomach?

It could be many things, but for most dogs, it often comes down to one reason – they have eaten something they weren’t supposed to.

By that, we mean you didn’t give it to them or unknowingly fed something to them that would cause them illness. You can’t blame them for being inquisitive, and some types of dogs are worse for eating just about anything.

This can result in vomiting and diarrhea and is just their body’s way of getting rid of what is causing them discomfort. Read more about dog vomiting and diarrhea.

Stress that is related to a change of environment or travel sickness can result in these things as well, so have a think about what your dog has been through recently.

Make sure they are generally fine, though, as when they lose their appetite for too long or are showing the signs of bad fatigue, that is when you may wish to consult your vet.

Home Remedies For Dogs Upset Stomach

Consulting your pet if you think it is necessary is always a good idea, but in case you wanted to try something else or believe your dog to not be in too much discomfort, you may want to try one of the following:


That’s right, sometimes all you can do is sit tight and let your dog’s body deal with whatever is making it ill. They are pretty robust beings, and you might find that not feeding them for half a day or even a full day will give them a chance to flush out what is worrying them.

Ice Cubes

Removing their water bowl is a good idea as too much fluid can make the problem worse.

Giving them ice cubes helps you to limit their intake and distracts them for a few moments whilst they crunch on the ice.

If they are ok after a few and you have left it a while, give them some more to keep them hydrated.


Try making an almost rice broth type dish to settle your pet’s stomach. Boil rice and drain and keep the water, feeding this to them once it has cooled down a little. The simple mixture of flavored rice water will keep them going.

Canned Pumpkin

It might be a good idea to keep some of this handy in the food cupboard just in case you need it. It is absorbed slowly and, therefore, is ideal for an upset stomach. Don’t give them any more than one spoonful of a medium to large dog and less than that for smaller breeds.

Whatever it takes, we hope your furry friend feels better in no time.

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