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8-Year-Old Child Developmental Milestones

Each and every child reaches different developmental milestones at their own pace. You may notice your 8-year-old getting taller than the other kids in their class.

Or your kid may not be as chatty as some of the other kids. However, there are some predictable patterns you can rely on throughout this progress.

In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the key milestones that each child should reach by the age of eight. We’ll also discuss certain behavioral signs to look out for that may be a cause for concern.

Should you notice any of these signs in your 8-year-old, we’d recommend taking them to see a child specialist. Here’s what to expect from your child as they reach the 8-year mark.

Physical Development of 8-Year-Olds

Your 8-year-old will show much better coordination when it comes to physical activities such as running, crawling, jumping, climbing etc.

By the age of 8, most kids will already have shown their ability to perform various physical activities. Now they will continue to improve these skills.

Their muscles will continue to grow stronger. With more outdoor activities like playing games with friends, swimming, and cycling, they will have increased stamina and confidence. Your child will begin to lose their baby teeth and permanent adult teeth will start to take their place.

Your Child’s Growth

An 8-year-old girl should weigh around 56 to 58 lbs and she should be around 127 to 129 cm tall. Whereas, an 8-year-old boy should weigh around 55.5 to 57 lbs and be 127 to 128 cm tall at the same age.

However, the rate of growth is also down to genetics so don’t be too concerned if they fall slightly outside of the standard range.

Cognitive Development of 8-Year-Olds

The cognitive development of your kid is closely associated with their analytical ability. Their capacity to process information and solve problems shows how their brain is progressing.

You can also gauge your child’s cognitive ability by looking at how they communicate with other people. The way they use verbal and non-verbal means of communication is important.

Language Skills

By the time they turn 8, kids will have expanded their vocabulary dramatically. They will have around 3,000 new words in their mental “dictionary”.

Your kid will be able to have a serious and in-depth conversation with anyone. Many kids will start to show innovative skills at writing stories and poems by this time. Their pronunciation will begin to improve. They’ll speak very clearly and be very easy to understand.

Problem Solving Skills

An 8-year-old will be more than capable of solving simple mathematical problems. Some of them will even show an ability to process more critical math problems.

They’ll be able to solve puzzles of over 100 pieces. They’ll be able to build structures with blocks and other construction toys.

Your child will also be able to come up with solutions to different real-life problems. For instance, if your car is not starting, your kid will tell you to call a mechanic.

They will be more efficient in using various types of electronic devices. This may include a personal computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, television and so on. They may even be able to do this better than you can.

Emotional Development of 8-Year-Olds

Your kid will begin to show more sophisticated emotions when they interact with other people. They’ll also be able to mask their true feelings.

For instance, if something is bothering them, they will be able to hide it. If they’re sad, you may not always be able to tell.

However, in times of stress, they often expect some emotional support. They’ll ask for a hug or kiss from their parents or even some words of hope or reassurance. They will be more sensitive about a friend moving away or the death of a loved one.

Social Development of 8-Year-Olds

8-year-olds will become more and more involved with the people and the world around them. For instance, they’ll become closer to their soccer teammates. They’ll show more interest in their friends around the neighborhood and will often join them playing outside or by going for a cycle.

They’ll be more aware of the differences between boys and girls. Most 8-year-olds will be more used to with hanging out with friends of the same sex.

They’ll be more caring towards others and will happily share their belongings. However, you can expect them to be possessive over their favorite toys.

Social acceptance will become a major part of their life. If other kids have a new toy or a certain type of shoes, they’ll try and persuade you to buy it for them too.

Other Milestones of 8-Year-Olds

Besides their physical and psychological development, you’ll need to keep a close eye on your child’s eating and sleeping habits.

This is just as important for the wellbeing of your 8-year-old. Usually, kids at this age are going to be highly energetic, so they need enough sustenance and rest to re-energize themselves.

Food Habit

At the age of eight, your kid will be able to eat chicken, beef and other protein-rich food. You should also add low-fat dairy products like milk and yogurt to their diet.

Though they may not be happy about it, you need to feed them plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Corn, rice, pasta, and bread should be added to their diet to ensure they are getting plenty of carbohydrates.

Although your kids will never say no to fast food, don’t allow it to become a regular part of their diet. Keep it down to once or twice a week at most.

Sleeping Habit

Your 8-year-old is going to love getting into bed. After classes, homework, and playtime, they’ll be exhausted by the end of the day.

Make sure you are sending your child to bed by 9 pm so that they can have at least 9 to 10 hours of sleep a night. This should be sufficient for kids at this stage.

Things to be Concerned About

You need to be careful if you notice any of the following signs in your 8-year-old:

  • They seem totally withdrawn
  • They don’t like to play with other kids
  • They struggle to pay attention for more than ten minutes at a time
  • They often react violently when they don’t get their way
  • They struggle to solve simple mathematical or analytical problems

If any of these issues are noticeable in your 8-year-old, take them to see a child specialist.


Allow your kid to make new friends and spend more time with them. Keep an eye on their academic progress.

If your kid is being able to socialize with other kids and is effectively communicating with you, there is no need worry. Expect them to be capable of solving simple mathematical problems.

Make sure that your child is eating the right food that is rich in vitamins, protein, and minerals. Make sure that your 8-year-old is getting at least 9 to 10 hours of sleep at night.

Your child should also show basic analytical skills. However, if your kid seems to be withdrawn or they are struggling to focus, showing lack of ability to pay attention to you or other people, take them to see a specialist.

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