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Noisy Environment? Here’s How to Sleep Like a Baby

Some people may voluntarily choose to stay up at night to finish tasks they have been unable to complete during the day. On the other hand, some people have a hard time getting any sleep at night due to rowdy neighbors, noisy environment or other surprising reasons. 

When you live in an environment where noise is a common problem at night, you may develop sleep disorders. The consequences of that are feeling tired, unmotivated, and lacking awareness during the daytime. It can affect every aspect of your life because a lack of sleep is going to ruin your health. 

However, before we jump into the solutions, let’s understand the effects of a noisy environment on our sleep cycles. Right afterward, we are going to discuss all the ways you can prevent those noise from distracting you from getting a good night’s sleep. 

Effects of Noisy Neighborhood on Sleep

If you are living in a noisy neighborhood, the quick solution is to move out. However, you may have various other reasons behind living in the current environment that you are living in. 

Modern technology can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. You may not be getting the sleep you desire because of telephones ringing, doorbells, cars honking, someone leaving the television on, neighbors having a party or worse, fighting. 

The reasons may be countless. 

A lack of sleep causes irritability, short temper, inability to handle stress, depression, anxiety, and most commonly, insomnia. If you have already been diagnosed with a disease, a lack of sleep will, unfortunately, worsen your condition. 

Constant noise can contribute to developing memory loss, mood disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, weak immunity, lack of creativity, poor problem-solving skills, obesity, weakened skeletal balance, low sex drive, psychosis, neurosis, and hysteria. 

For infants and children, the impact can be worse. 

Now that you realize what a serious situation it is, it is time for you to consider changing your neighborhood. If for some reason you are unable to do so, the next section will help you immensely. 

Tips to Sleep Soundly Despite All the Noise

Despite all the racket being caused outside your room, there may be ways you can sleep through the night without any disturbances. Read on to get some useful tips to sleep soundly through the night. 

Adjust Your Furniture

Sometimes moving your bed to another room can minimize the noise from outside. It is better to place your bed away from the windows and doors so that you hear less of any outside noise. 

Besides, if the noise is coming from the other room, place your bed away from the source of the noise. Padded furniture can also block the noise. You may want to pad your bed and get a sound-absorbing mattress. 

Add Noise Blockers

You may be living in a dorm or an apartment. You know it can get quite uncomfortable if you have rackety neighbors. 

By adding certain noise blockers, such as pillows, blankets, and towels under the door, or hanging thick curtains and tapestries, you can block the annoying noise to a great extent. 

Thick rugs and carpets can also absorb outside noise. 

Moreover, to prevent traffic noise from waking you up in the middle of the night, plant shrubbery outside your living space. The plants will act as a buffer and reduce unwanted traffic noise from disturbing your sleep. 

Get an Electrical Sound Machine

An Electrical Sound Machine is a blessing of modern technology. It blocks all noise from outside while you sleep. Even if someone is snoring next to you, and you have the Electrical Sound Machine turned on, you won’t hear a thing. 

It will consistently create a sound that will help you sleep through the night without getting affected by outside noises. 

These magical machines are not only for those struggling to sleep due to chaotic environments but also for those with tinnitus symptoms, crying babies, people with ADD, ADHD, anxiety and inner ear disorders. 

Switch to a Quality Mattress

In order to peacefully sleep through the night when the entire world seems to be at war can surprisingly be solved with a good quality mattress. A good quality mattress will relax your body completely, and distract your mind from feeling anything but comfort. 

A good quality mattress will act as a noise blocker and help you sleep even if you are RVing over rocky roads. Check out the sleep savvy to get yourself one of these awesome mattresses that will change your life forever. 

Exercise to Exhaust Yourself

Your body will respond to outside noise if it is fully charged. A little commotion can send your stimuli to hyperactivity. 

On the contrary, when your body is too exhausted, things change. It won’t even care if there was a car crash outside your home. Because when your body is exhausted, all it can think of is to get some sleep!

So, people who often have trouble sleeping do this little trick. They work out, jog or take a walk right before bedtime to burn energy, and tire themselves out. 

You can even do some yoga to get some sleep. Yoga poses such as the standing forward bend, plow pose, legs up the wall pose, corpse pose, supine spinal twist, seated spinal twist, reclining butterfly, child’s pose, and reclining goddess pose are known to induce sleep very quickly. 

Just imagine all the people who fall asleep during yoga class. They are living examples of the effectivity of yoga in promoting ultimate relaxation to the body. 

Music Therapy for Sound Sleep

Although we have already covered how an Electrical Sound Machine can help you sleep better, it is not the only source of sound therapy. In fact, there are different types of sound therapy. For example, brainwave entrainment, tuning fork therapy, singing bowl therapy, and neurologic music therapy. 

Essentially you will need a sound therapist to play the music for you, but you don’t have to nowadays, thanks to YouTube. So, all you will need is your phone or laptop, earphones or speakers. 

Now, let us get to know in-depth about some of the sound therapy techniques out there. 

Brainwave Entrainment

This technique uses binaural beats, solfeggio tunes, alpha, theta or delta waves to induce sleep. The sound penetrates your ears, your brain and spreads everywhere in your body. 

Most commonly used to treat anxiety and panic attacks in people, brainwaves have also helped people with insomnia and other sleep disorders. Delta and theta waves have low frequency, which promotes relaxation and sleep. Play this while you do yoga, and nothing in this world can stop you from falling deep asleep. 

Delta waves are well known for encouraging emotional healing, pain relief, stress, and deep sleep. Similarly, theta waves allow REM sleep, meditation, deep relaxation, and creativity. Some sound therapists can even combine the two waves to create a unique, soothing sound. 

Singing Bowl Therapy

Singing bowl therapy originated from Tibetan culture. A very peaceful culture indeed. 

Generally, several bowls are placed all over the body, and the sound therapist will play a beautiful, relaxing tune to take you to another world. However, YouTube can only offer you the relaxing music, which by itself can also take you to another dimension, away from all the noise around you. 

The sound created by the Singing bowl therapy is known to penetrate not just the physical body of the person, but also the emotional, psychological and even the spiritual body. 

Hence, by listening to this shamanistic music, you are healing and relaxing at all levels of your consciousness. 

Guided Meditation by a Professional

In all honesty, there are too many people on YouTube offering ‘guided meditations’ for promoting sleep. Some may work for you, some may not. Our advice is to make a pick with your heart. 

A true professional will use vibrational frequencies, binaural beats, solfeggio, delta or theta waves in the background, while calmly speaking to your subconscious mind. 

A typical guided meditation may last for an hour. By the time it ends, you will be drop-dead lost in a dream state. 

On a positive note, you don’t have to rely on YouTube to enjoy the benefits of guided meditations. Meditation gurus often upload meditations on their websites for their followers. 

Some may even use apps to spread their love for the world. 

Guided meditations will impact you better to fall asleep faster if you have headphones on. Some gurus may use mantras, chants, affirmations, and prayers in their guided meditations as well. 

Whichever sound therapy method you decide to choose, we say you should explore first. They may all work for you. Some may give you faster and more potent results. 

To Sum Up

It really feels horrible to end up in a bad environment where people don’t respect your privacy and make noise without conscience. You may have missed a couple of night’s sleep before you found this article, but the good news is that you at least found us. 

Now that you know all the ways you can block those annoying outside noise, and finally get some quality sleep, don’t wait another day. Shift your furniture, muffle outside noise with thick curtains, carpets, and mattresses. 

Plant more trees and shrubs around your house not just to block the noise, but also to create a cleaner environment, which is also essential in promoting sleep. 

Some people may suggest you go talk to the driver who is honking outside or the couple who is yelling over nothing. But you don’t need to do all that if you have a pair of headphones and a phone. 

By listening to sound therapy and guided meditation, you are not only helping your body sleep, but you are also initiating into a life of well being. 

We hope by reading this article, you learned a lot about how to sleep better at night. Happy Kipping! Visit our other blog now.  

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